About Us


“Cracken Cakes is built on a simple concept of baking as giving.”

Dora Lee McCracken, Cracken Cakes

Dora Lee McCracken, the owner of Cracken Cakes & More, began baking at a very young age. She learned from the best – her mother, a woman whose talent for baking was renowned among family and friends.

A single mother where, as is often the case, money was tight, Dora Lee’s mom baked as a means of giving. Where others shopped for holidays, birthdays and other special occasions, Dora Lee’s mom established a tradition of baking excellence as the gifts that family and friends treasured. With Cracken Cakes & More, Dora Lee is continuing that tradition and sharing on a grander scale.

In 2013, she stepped away from a 17-year career in cosmetology to carry on that tradition, and to pursue a life-long dream.

“Cracken Cakes allows me to reach more people about caring, sharing and spreading the love – and being part of the solution.”

Dora Lee McCracken, Cracken Cakes

Dora Lee has expanded Cracken Cakes beyond cakes and cupcakes, too. They also bakes muffins, tarts, pies, tortes and mini cakes. Many of the delicacies she provides are also available gluten and/or sugar free so that anyone can give Cracken Cakes & More and anyone can receive them.